This month I have volunteered at many walks. The first walk that I volunteered at was the Spring Sprint by the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada 2014.  This took place June 1st. There were over 500 attendants and over $80,000 raised. It was a wonderful experience as I cheered on all the walkers and help guide them through the walk. Volunteering there was so enlightening it inspired me to keep on volunteering at similar walks for different causes.












The following walk I volunteered  was Challenge for Life on June 7th 2014. I helped set up the reception, helped decorate and cheered on the walkers! Walkers, donors, sponsors and volunteers raised a total of $955,869! It was a great experience volunteering at Challenge for Life and I got to hear the stories of many amazing people! My friend who is pictured here with me lost her mother to cancer, my father lost his identical twin brother to Hodgkin’s  and my mother her uncle and aunt.  This walk was very important because cancer has effected many of my relatives and friend’s relatives.

The third walk I volunteered at was The Walk to Fight Arthritis by the Arthritis Society it was held  the day after Challenge for Life on June 8, 2014. Although the day started out cold and rainy  it didn’t stop anything! I spent my time cheering at the start and finishing line! It was an amazing experience to be helping out there. I even got to meet my favorite radio show host Ace Burpee! of 103.1 Virgin Radio Winnipeg.

Me and Ace Burpee

The last walk in June I volunteered for t was the Manitoba Marathon on June 15th for Lymphoma and Leukemia.  This day was the coldest and it didn’t stop rainy until the race was done. I brought along one of my best friends, Hadas. The both of us joined others as we cheered runners along with big clappers and high spirits! Our family dog passed away in 2012 from Leukemia, I miss him so much, his name was Rocky Balaboa Stone

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and supporting me, it is greatly appreciated!

– Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 🙂


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