On June 21st , Chrystalle (Miss Teenage Manitoba!) and I volunteered at the Red River Exhibition!  It was a very hot day, but that didn’t stop us. From the morning to afternoon the two of us greeted people entering the park as we handed them maps of the park that also included a program of events for that day. We both had so much fun greeting people and even saw people we knew! We had handed out hundreds of program sheets to people entering the park! Afterwards we had the privilege to walk around the park and hang out together, as we let children wear our crowns and greeted more people. We were able to meet soldiers as they showed us their equipment. They let us hold and look at some pretty scary weapons!  All of the soldiers we met were very nice and kind. It was awesome to talk to them and to take pictures with them, and thank them for their hard work serving our country! I admire these soldiers very much for their courage, dedication and willingness to sacrifice for other’s freedom.  Over all Volunteering at the Red River Exhibition with Miss Teenage Manitoba was an amazing experience! 🙂

-Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 🙂

With a soilder with communication devices on our backs!

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