MTC-W Inc. ( has recently launched a new competition called Top Model Search Canada ( ).  if you have been thinking about becoming a model, then this competition is the perfect way to launch your career!It will take place August 12-17  in Toronto. Over 40 finalists are selected. The first place winner will become the next Miss Supranational Canada, and runners up become Miss Top Model of the World Canada and Miss Supermodel Canada International. Winners will receive over $15,000 in cash, prizes and scholarships. International modeling scouts/agents are going to be flown into Toronto!

Suzette Hernandez (Miss Supernational Canada) Strutting on the runway!

So if you are interested in being a model, just starting out as a model or waiting for you big break, I highly recommend giving this competition a try! It is a pageant similar in ways to Miss Teenage Canada-World ( , but its for those who are interested in modeling! Modeling is a fun way to express your energy, creativity, passion and drive as you strut on the runway or are modeling for a photographer! I am a model, even though I am too short so I am not able to make it far as a model. I am now starting my career for beauty modeling.  I can tell you that from what I have experienced as a model, its all so much fun and a great way to express yourself! Joining Top Model Search Canada ( would be highly beneficial to your modeling career!

Want to apply now? Here’s the link for application!

Top Model Search Canada Logo



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