Robins on 1400 Waverley Street, Winnipeg Manitoba has been a sponsor as well as allowing me to hold fundraiser at their shop  for Free the Children.

I have to thank my auntie Vina Demelo as well as the whole staff for their help and cooperation. I couldn’t have done it with out their help and support.

While raising money for Free the Children I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to all the regular customers who were all so generous with their donations.  They allowed me to help by handing out coffee to drive thru as well as in store, it was such a rewarding experience, everyone I met and talked to were all so kind and were so interested in the Free the Children charity and eager to know more.  I explain the charity to them what they do and who the founder is, as well I had a big poster with mini lights it explained the story and mission of Free the Children charity. The fundraiser was huge success. We advertised it on my Facebook and twitter and I was amazed to hear that the majority of the customers regulars and not had seen it there, in one case the customer had not been at the location for about 30 years  I also met a regular costumer who drives from out of town everyday and get his coffee there, he is 91 years old he is pictured below.I am so grateful to everyone who donated to my Free the Children Fundraiser.

The very next day it was my 16th birthday and my mom and dad surprised me by putting this on his store front.



91 still driving to get his coffee.


Thank you <3 for taking the time to read my blog


Written by: Micaella

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