On June 20, 2014 I had the opportunity to meet with the current mayor of Winnipeg,  the Honorable Sam Katz.  I have to thank  Nikki Chenier-Leiter  for arranging it all. It was truly an honor to meet  him, we had a really good conversation regarding my volunteering and he was quite amazed of how much volunteering I have done to date.

The most important part occurred right after this photo was taken.  On my  way home listening to the radio, a special announced came on that the mayor was holding a press conference, below are  parts of press conference release.

Thank you for coming to Central Park today. We’re going to celebrate some of the greatest performers in the country, right here in the heart of our downtown, for the Summer Solstice: Concert in the Park! When I was first elected Mayor in 2004, Central Park was anything but a venue for a concert; it was a hub for crime and illegal activity. There was no splash park behind you, or children playing here – only a dream in the community to turn this park around. It’s been 10 years, almost to the day, since I became Mayor on June 22nd, 2004.  I ran because, as a volunteer coach and as a father, I saw, first hand, how desperately Winnipeg needed someone to lead the change to turn our parks, and investments across the entire city, around. And you granted me that privilege, to serve as your Mayor; and my focus has always remained the same: to collaborate and find balance to reinvest in your priorities. I said I would continue to work to make Winnipeg a better city as long as there is more work to be done and that is why I have decided that I will not be seeking re-election for Mayor.

It is a difficult decision, and one that required a lot of soul-searching, knowing there is still so much more work to be done. It is my hope that the next Mayor and Council will continue to move Winnipeg forward in the right direction and continue investing in opportunities for our children and families, to continue ensuring Winnipeg remains attractive and welcoming to investors. And, most importantly, I hope that they continue to invest in our greatest asset – our citizens…all of you.

Mayor Sam Katz concluded with:  Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for this privilege this past decade. And of course, from the bottom of my heart I have to thank the individuals who made the real sacrifice when I chose to run for public office: my beautiful and supportive family: my wife Leah and my three children, Ava, Kiera and Aidan. Thank you to the most supportive family imaginable.

For full report follow this link  http://winnipeg.ca/interhom/Mayor/pdfs/SummerSolsticeConcert-20140620.pdf


Mayor Sam Katz surprised me  when mentioned that he one day would love to visit Sao Miguel Azores, the island that my mother was born in and lived until she was 13.

Many people have never heard of these islands.  The Azores are nine little island off of mainland Portugal, they are quite small on the map, she was born in the larger one, Sao Miguel,  in our house we say the bigger dot. The Islands are beautiful and majestic many people travel there, Sao Miguel  is known as the Green Island. It features numerous coastal villages with beaches, boardwalks, gardens and town squares. There is much to do on this Island including whale watching, sailing, hiking, golf, tennis and horseback riding to name a few.


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June 25 I held a fundraiser for Free the Children at the Rady Jewish Community Centre.  I have to thank so many people who sponsored and volunteered at the event.

The Rady JCC,  http://www.radyjcc.com/ for their sponsorship via use of the large multi purpose room.  Since it was held at the Rady JCC all food and drinks must be kosher so I would like to thank Maxine Shuster of Schmoozer’s Café for the beautiful basket you put together for the silent auction and of course the food.

SoundWaveMusicServices  http://soundwavemusic.ca/  your sponsorship via Djing my School’s out for Summer fundraiser for Free the Children exceeded my expectations.

Michael Silver of Silver jeans http://www.silverjeans.com/ca/

Southwood Dental Centre http://www.southwooddentalcentre.ca/

Tough Workwear  http://www.toughworkwear.ca/  

Robins on 1400 Waverley; Thank you so much for your very generous donations and sponsorship.

Thank you goes to the following people who sponsored and donated items to my School’s out for Summer fundraiser:   Energy 106 http://www.energy106.ca/ for the donation of the  cd’s and t-shirt for silent auction,  The Music Chord for the basket of musical accessories and 4 free music lessons, Caricatures by Adam Kirk,  Patrick Gregoire magician, Marilyn Marostica – BeautiControl, Roberta Anderson and Real Streetwear Co.

The Free the Children banner and T-shirts  made by me with the help of my mother.  Thank you auntie Vina Demelo for all the time and support you have given me.

I am so grateful to all the sponsors and supporters that I have.

Most of all my mother, thank you mom for all your hard work and attention to detail.


Micaella 🙂


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The original Miss Teen Canada that our parents have heard of in the past does not exist any longer. It was a  national tradition in Canada from its inception in 1969 until financial concerns caused the pageant to be shut down in  1990. It was first televised on CTV in 1969 . The pageant was called Miss Teenage Canada for its first three years. It was originally sponsored by A&W Drive-Ins. Cleo Productions, who owned the event for most of its years.

There are other competitions using the name of Miss Teen Canada but it is not the same company producing it. Miss Teenage Canada (http://www.missteenagecanada.com/)  is the largest Canadian Teenage pageant competition and is closest to Miss Teen USA.  Miss Teenage Canada(http://www.missteenagecanada.com/) is owned by MTC-W Inc.  and produced by Michelle Weswaldi.

Michelle Weswaldi notable title wins include: ‘Miss World Canada 1996′, ‘Miss Intercontinental Canada 2000′, ‘Miss Earth Canada 2001′., Michelle Weswaldi envisioned a National Teen Competition that would surpass all existing Canadian pageants had to offer, she wanted to showcase the MTC-W Miss Teenage Canada (http://www.missteenagecanada.com/)  as an  uplifting message of acceptance and tolerance all the while instilling confidence in contestants, and educating them about their body image and improving their self-esteem. In addition to being glamorous, it would give teenagers the opportunity to voice their opinion on social issues, and act on their convictions going into the community and assisting worthy causes and charitable organizations. Miss Weswaldi felt that teens should be encouraged to explore the world and all its offerings, all the while remembering to keep a balance in life. Whether it is a passion for singing, dancing, music, arts, sports/athletics, science, computers, animals, or the environment; having hobbies and being enthusiastic about what they enjoy is fundamental in the development of a well rounded young woman. In addition, the pageant would focus on etiquette and instilling femininity, grace and charm to these young women in much the same way as finest finishing schools of a bygone era. The goal was to provide a teaching environment that helps to develop communication skills, provide image consulting, and become a platform to achieve dreams. The end result would be having delegates that are able to address an audience in a confident and graceful manner and produce a spectacular show for all of Canada to enjoy.

In 2008 MTC-W INC. was launched. MTC-W INC. and it promotes the ideal, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.” The lessons and information presented during the training workshops will guide The first winner was crowned in 2008  and she was Katie Starke. Each Miss Teenage Canada contestant is required to fundraise individually for the international charity, Free The Children ( www.freethechildren.com) through sponsors in their communities. Each winner  has the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world to visit the projects they have supported.

There have been many well known celebrities as judges and hosts here are just a few examples; Canadian Singers Divine Brown and Gary, Canadian Multi-Platinum Artist, Karl Wolf; and Degrassi’s Luke Bilyk.

I applied at  www.missteenagecanada.com/become-mtcw/apply-now  and never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be here, because I am only 5’3″ tall, http://www.missteenagecanada.com has given me confidence and  is making me more aware of my  personal and career goals.

I am so grateful to have been crowned as Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 2014, I am a strong believer in helping others, I believe that life is better lived when shared.  My platform is Seniors in Need, through my volunteering I have met many seniors who are not able to afford the necessity of life even life saving medicine.  Seniors in Needs connects seniors with people in their own community who are willing and eager to give a helping hand.

The past few years I have attended the Free the Children We Day in Winnipeg, as well they also came to our school and I spent a wonderful time chatting with  Cassy Lynne Freethechildren https://www.facebook.com/cassy.freethechildren who is now in Ecuador.

Free The Children’s mission is to create a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.  Free the Children http://www.freethechildren.com/ was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995 when he was only 12, he gathered 11 school friends to begin fighting child labour. Free the children from poverty. Free the children from exploitation. Free the children from the notion that they are powerless to effect change. Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner.  Free The Children has worked in more than 45 countries and in eight developing countries with its Adopt A Village program.

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On June 21st , Chrystalle (Miss Teenage Manitoba!) and I volunteered at the Red River Exhibition!  It was a very hot day, but that didn’t stop us. From the morning to afternoon the two of us greeted people entering the park as we handed them maps of the park that also included a program of events for that day. We both had so much fun greeting people and even saw people we knew! We had handed out hundreds of program sheets to people entering the park! Afterwards we had the privilege to walk around the park and hang out together, as we let children wear our crowns and greeted more people. We were able to meet soldiers as they showed us their equipment. They let us hold and look at some pretty scary weapons!  All of the soldiers we met were very nice and kind. It was awesome to talk to them and to take pictures with them, and thank them for their hard work serving our country! I admire these soldiers very much for their courage, dedication and willingness to sacrifice for other’s freedom.  Over all Volunteering at the Red River Exhibition with Miss Teenage Manitoba was an amazing experience! 🙂

-Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 🙂

With a soilder with communication devices on our backs!

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This month I have volunteered at many walks. The first walk that I volunteered at was the Spring Sprint by the Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada 2014.  This took place June 1st. There were over 500 attendants and over $80,000 raised. It was a wonderful experience as I cheered on all the walkers and help guide them through the walk. Volunteering there was so enlightening it inspired me to keep on volunteering at similar walks for different causes.












The following walk I volunteered  was Challenge for Life on June 7th 2014. I helped set up the reception, helped decorate and cheered on the walkers! Walkers, donors, sponsors and volunteers raised a total of $955,869! It was a great experience volunteering at Challenge for Life and I got to hear the stories of many amazing people! My friend who is pictured here with me lost her mother to cancer, my father lost his identical twin brother to Hodgkin’s  and my mother her uncle and aunt.  This walk was very important because cancer has effected many of my relatives and friend’s relatives.

The third walk I volunteered at was The Walk to Fight Arthritis by the Arthritis Society it was held  the day after Challenge for Life on June 8, 2014. Although the day started out cold and rainy  it didn’t stop anything! I spent my time cheering at the start and finishing line! It was an amazing experience to be helping out there. I even got to meet my favorite radio show host Ace Burpee! of 103.1 Virgin Radio Winnipeg.

Me and Ace Burpee

The last walk in June I volunteered for t was the Manitoba Marathon on June 15th for Lymphoma and Leukemia.  This day was the coldest and it didn’t stop rainy until the race was done. I brought along one of my best friends, Hadas. The both of us joined others as we cheered runners along with big clappers and high spirits! Our family dog passed away in 2012 from Leukemia, I miss him so much, his name was Rocky Balaboa Stone

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and supporting me, it is greatly appreciated!

– Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 🙂


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Hello my name is Micaella Stone and I am so proud to be the title holder of Miss teenage central Manitoba 2014! It honestly feels too good to be true!  I am fifteen years old from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have a very close and mixed family. My father is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and my mother is from the Azores, an Island near mainland Portugal.

I attend the school of Gray Academy of Jewish Education.  I can speak Hebrew and have received many awards in my Hebrew classes.  I’m a very hard worker and I am very involved in my school. I compete in track and field for my school.  My goal after high school is to go to University and then become a psychologist.  I want to become a psychologist because I am very interested in the human pattern of thought and learning about mental disorders.  I used to have issues with depression, anxiety and OCD, before I got help. I want to erase the stigma associated around these mental disorders.

Outside of school I do many things and have a variety of hobbies.  Since I was little, I’ve had a very strong passion for music. I took piano lessons for many years as I grew up. I have also been singing since I was little and I currently am taking vocal lessons.  Even when I’m in my downtime at home, I enjoy mixing music and remixing on my computer.  I have also always have had a huge passion for the preforming arts. When I was younger I was one of the leads in my schools production of Willy Wonka, and I am always involved behind the scenes in all of my schools productions as a makeup artist, and co-costume designer.  I have plenty of acting experience and I have been in a few movies and I am going to be in many more upcoming projects.  Music and acting bring such joy to my life.

My acting headshot

I have been a model since I was young and I am currently a model for an awesome agency in Winnipeg, despite my short height. I am very interested in the fashion and beauty industry.  I really enjoy dancing and have taken hip-hop, ballet, tap and jazz lessons.  Another one of my passions is art. I have been a skillful artist since I was young, being linked to having a photographic memory. I enjoy sketching fashion designs,  painting, drawing portraits or just anything related to art!


One of my main focuses in life is spending my time volunteering.  I started volunteering when my older brother needed volunteering hours for school and I wanted to join him as he volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest.  I continued to spend my time at Winnipeg Harvest because I really enjoyed helping them out.  I also volunteer almost every weekend at  the Shaftesbury retirement home.  I love spending time there with the seniors, and hearing all of their stories and seeing the smiles light up across their faces.  I really care about senior citizens, and have been spending many of my time with them and volunteering with them since I was very little.  I think its very important for my generation to spend as much time as possible with the earlier generations because they have done so much for us to create the lives we are living today.  Many of them need help and become very lonely, so that’s why I really encourage teenagers to volunteer their time at least once a week to spend with seniors.

I am certainly blessed to be Miss Teenage Central Manitoba! I had a great time at the pageant here in Manitoba and I can’t wait to go to nationals and meet all of the other amazing girls! 🙂

Me and Taylor Boehlig, last years Miss Teenage Central Manitoba!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and supporting me! 🙂



Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 2014


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Today was a great day! It started off by going for breakfast in the park again and from there we headed off to our workout at Union Fitness where we did yoga! Now I have NEVER done yoga before in my life so I had no idea what to expect, and was worried that I would look like an idiot. When we arrived the whole entire floor was covered in yoga

Showing off my guns after our workout at Union Fitness!

mats, since there are 65 of us we were kind of packed like a can of sardines but never the less we had fun and made it work! We started off with some simple stretches and poses and then moved into some more difficult poses and moves. I didn’t understand the yogi lingo so I did a lot of looking around to see what’s going on. Being a hockey girl I was very surprised at how well I did with the whole flexibility part of yoga. My favorite part was when our amazing instructor Samara got us to lie flat on our back and breathe, and she turned the lights off. While we were lying there she gave us the most inspirational speech. It put me in a great piece of mind. After she was done talking she turned on some Michael Jackson and we got so just lie still and relax which felt amazing after the busy couple days we have had! Not going to lie… I almost fell asleep during this. Refreshed and energized is exactly how I felt after our workout.

Next on our list were rehearsals! We came back to the hotel and ditched the runners and grabbed the heels! This was our first day of rehearsals so it was a little hectic and

A few girls chatting on one of our breaks

confusing. I am not by any means a dancer so the dance took a little while for me to catch on to… big thank you to all my dancer friends for breaking it down for me! Needless to say my feet were KILLING me by this point!! After rehearsals we had 10 minutes to get ready… keep in mind that we had done yoga, and had rehearsals so we were a little sweaty. It takes talent to go from sweaty post workout to appearance ready!

We were lucky enough to each get a $50.00 gift certificate for Garage and a $10.00 shopping card for the Urban Eatery in the Eaton Center! Upon arriving at the Eaton Center people all over the mall would crane their necks to see whom this huge group of girls wearing crowns and heels are and where they came from. Again I felt like a celebrity, lots of people stopped us for pictures and to ask about the pageant. LOTS of teenage boys would stop us, and one group in particular stood out.  A boys rugby team from London had stopped me and asked to take a picture of me holding their team mascot, after that they kind of followed us around so they were our little fan club :P! At Garage I definitely

My Garage and Urban Eatery gift cards!

put my gift card to good use, I bought a shirt, shorts, and 1 ½ bikinis. I may have had to use some of my own money as well 😛 After we were done picking out some super cute clothes from Garage we headed down to the Urban Eatery, which is basically like any old food court but there are many more options and it is set up a little differently. I, along with  the other girls I’m sure, were excited to be able to get WHATEVER WE WANTED! I decided to try something new and tried Thai food; I got general Thai, which was delicious! While we ate the girls at my table laughed so hard at the most random things, I’m thinking we were like that because of exhaustion mixed with sore feet mixed with excitement! We then returned back to the hotel! Some of us got spray tans from Golden Glamour Goddesses and also eye lash extensions. I was one of the girls to get a spray tan although I had already gotten one before leaving for nationals from my amazing sponsor Tan 2U Mobile Spray Tanning. I got another one because I didn’t realize that I would need more than the nice glow I got before to not be washed out on stage!

That my friends is what day 4 of Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 was like! 🙂

If you have not already please go to missteencanadaworld.com and sign up as a VIP so you can vote for me! After you are a VIP all you have to do is go to the finalists page and find my profile and on the bottom somewhere there will be a box to vote in 🙂 Thank you so much for your continued support!

-Taylor Boehlig

Miss Teen Central Manitoba-World 2013 🙂

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Today was a very fun and glamorous day! We started off with a delicious breakfast buffet at the hotel restaurant. After that we all headed upstairs to start getting hair and make up done for our interviews, photo shoots, and video shoots. Due to having almost 70 girls to go through I had a lengthy wait, and to speed things along I did my own hair and make up for my interview… in 30 minutes if I might add (not to bad for a pageant girl). After my interview it was time for lunch, my favorite part of the day! We had some complications so I ended up having to do my hair and make up for my photo and video shoot. Luckily for me Sian and Tricia came to the rescue! I won’t lie.. I am not the

greatest at doing my make up. I can do day make up, but I have trouble with doing it for photo shoots when it has to be more dramatic. Sian and Tricia both did some of my make up, and Tricia did my hair before she got herself ready! I absolutely LOVE all the girls in
the pageant. You may think that pageant girls are snooty but I Taylor Boehlig solemnly swear that pageant girls are some of the nicest, most genuine young women I have met in a long time. I would like to make a little shout out to Sian for doing my make up while getting her hair done; I truly appreciate what you did! A special thank you to Tricia as well, not only did she touch up my make up after I had accidentally wrecked what Sian had done and did my hair, but she also gave me a great pep talk when I was feeling down. I LOVE ALL MY PAGEANT SISTERS! While I was upstairs getting my photo and video shoots some of the girls were practicing their turns and their walks. After finally getting my shoots done it was supper time, another favorite time of the day for me! I took my supper up stairs to my room and proceeded to get ready for bed after an exhausting day. After a glorious shower I called my mom, dad, and sister and chatted with them for a while. I waited for my roommate Josee to get up from her photoand video shoot before going to bed, so in the end we got to bed around 12.  DAY 3! Three and a half hours later it was time to wake up and get ready to go to Breakfast Television! What a great sleep, we may or may not have pressed the snooze button a few times, but we made it downstairs in time. Knowing that it would be a long day I decided it was time to try coffee for the first time because 3 ½ hours of sleep won’t get me through the day. I put a considerable about of cream and 2 sugars in and it still tasted disgusting to me, so I guess I am just not cut out to be a coffee drinker! We then made the trek into downtown Toronto and were featured on Breakfast Television! My family even woke up to be able to watch it despite the time change. After we snapped a few pics we were on our way to breakfast in the park! Breakfast consisted of bacon (yummmm), eggs, toast, and delicious hash browns. Once we were all fed and fueled up we headed off to the one and only CN Tower. This was the first place where strangers stopped us to get pictures taken with us; it kind of makes you feel like a celebrity! I have been to the CN Tower numerous times but no matter how many times I come I always enjoy the elevator ride, the glass floor, and the breath taking views. Goofy pics on the glass floor were a MUST! The Distillery District was up next and we had a Miss Teen Canada-World scavenger hunt, which was set up by Rob the blog guy! I unfortunately did not find one single prize, but never the less I still had a blast exploring with my girls. In our adventures we got some delicious gelato, discovered animal shaped real leather ottomans, and the cutest puppy alive. After the hunt was over we all headed over to Café Uno where we had a yummy barbeque; the fries and pink lemonade were my favorite! Yet again we boarded the “Snooki and JWOWW” bus and headed on over to the Yorkdale mall where the Costa Blanca gave each of us delegates a $50.00 gift certificate… how generous! This was a lot of fun and I got some cute tops, and a summer dress. In the mall a lot of people stopped us to take pictures and made us feel pretty special! From there we headed over to

The latest and greatest MTV VJ perhaps?

New.Music.Live where we were able to be a part of the Audience! Today there were battles between break-dancers, beat boxers, and MC’s! It was a cool experience. By this time everybody’s feet were sore and we were ready to head home. Upon arriving at the hotel we changed into comfortable clothes and went on got prepped on what is going on tomorrow and… we got our new runners from Hi-Tec Canada! Supper was served and now it is time for bed after a long day of beaing a beauty queen!

-Taylor Boehlig, Miss Teen Central Manitoba-World 2013!

Written by: Taylor Boehlig

After waking up at 3 am and navigating my way through the airport with Janelle and Elexis, I am finally at the hotel! When we landed in Toronto lots of people on our plane

Marc and I goofing off at the airport!

asked us as they walked by what we were doing wearing a crown and sash, we received many well wishes and words of encouragement!! When we finally made it to the baggage claim area, which felt like an obstacle course in heels, we met up with some Miss Teen Canada workers, one being Marc, who took us to the hotel. By this time it was around 9 am and let me tell you.. I was ready to eat! We dropped our bags off in Marc’s room since our rooms weren’t ready yet and headed down stairs to refuel. After that we hung out in the lobby since we were some of the only girls here at that point.

Once Michelle and Christi got a little more organized and one of the rooms opened up, we headed upstairs to sit down and relax. After 6 hours of waiting in a room with a whole whack of girls we slowly got let into our rooms. I was very excited to get to my room and meet my roommate for the week, who happens to be Josee Poulin Miss Teen Espanola-World 2013 from Ontario! Right when I arrived we started talking about absolutely everything.. what time do you wake up.. when do you shower.. what do you do in your spare time.. how was your trip here! We started un

My roomie Josee Poulin and I 🙂

packing our numerous suit cases and make up bags while trying to find places to put everything. Our room looks like Forever 21, Sephora, Spring, and many other girly stores have exploded in here! Now we are patiently awaiting to be called down to the welcome party! I secretly hope that supper is going to be squeezed in before hand :p I am really looking forward to meeting all the girls at the welcome party! At the same time I am very nervous and excited for what is in store this week, I think that all of us girls just have to remember.. only one of us can win, so we might as well just have fun and make the most of the experience rather than stress about whether or not you will win.


I wrote everything above the little star line before I went to the welcoming party, and now I am back to my room. We all went to registration and got our new sashes. After we got those we headed to a big room where all of our sponsors had booths up where we got to visit, get samples, and ask questions! My favorite booth was Hitec Canada! They are sponsoring us each with a new pair of running shoes! Their shoes are so cute, comfy, and

The Manitoba finalists, myself, and Megha!

light. I can’t wait to get them and work out in them. Some other booths were Free The Children, Golden Glamour Goddesses, Schwarzkopf, and Pretty Sweet! The welcome party was a great opportunity to meet all the other delegates from other provinces, and we even got to meet Miss Teen Canada-World 2012: Megha Sandhu! I must admit.. I was a little star struck 😛 She is such a great role model! After we wrapped up at the welcome party we got supper… yum! Now we are relaxing in our rooms blogging, and getting ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we are doing our interview, photo shoot, and video shoot! I am very excited!

You can check out my Facebook page for more pictures and updates through out the week!

I just wanted to update you all on what my day has been like, and I hope to write a post every day even if it is just a short one. I want to keep all my family, friends, and community updated on my experiences at Miss Teen Canada World!

If you guys have a minute please go to the Miss Teen Canada World website and vote for me! This goes towards the people’s choice award. To vote all you have to do is:

1.) Sign up as a VIP on the Miss Teen Canada website. There is a box on the right hand side that says sign up as a VIP, you can’t miss it, click on it!

2.) After registering you will receive a confirmation email from MTC-W, make sure to check your spam/junk folders as well.

3.) Click the first link in the email and it will redirect you to the site and say that your account is verified.

4.) Go to the finalist page and find me! Click on details (bottom right), type in your email, and click vote!


Much love!

-Taylor Boehlig

Miss Teen Central Manitoba-World 2013

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