Hi there! My name is Cheyenne, and I am super excited to be introducing myself to you as Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 2015! On this blog I will be writing about my experiences leading up to Toronto, and I hope you will join me on this journey.

Now before I get into a true introduction of myself, I should give you some basic details. I was born on October 8th, 1997, making me 17 years old. I have lived in a few different places in Manitoba, including Lockport, Steinbach, and Winnipeg (where I currently live). I attend Vincent Massey Collegiate in Winnipeg, and will be graduating this year. In the fall I will be attending the University of Manitoba to pursue a career in law.

In a nutshell, that’s me! There is a lot more about myself that I haven’t included though, and I’m sure that if you have read this far you must want to know more. However, if you are anything like me, you probably don’t want to sit here and read paragraph after paragraph, so I have figured out how to introduce myself in more of a fun way. I’m going to go through and answer a list of interesting questions, and hopefully my answers will give you a insight into who I am.

Part one will consist of questions beginning with the phrase “if you could”:

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? I would definitely want to go to Europe. In 2014, I went to Italy, France, and Belgium. Those 12 days were amazing, and I would love to go back to those places on my own time, and explore even more!

If you could be talented at anything, what would it be? I really wish I was a great singer! I can sing a bit, but not very well, so I would love to have an amazing voice.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? I would love to be an actress. Acting is something I absolutely love, but being able to make it big and do it as a career would be incredible.

If you could be fluent in any language, what would it be? French, because I took it in grades 4-8, but didn’t continue with it. Also, I would love to spend time in Paris, so it would be very helpful to be fluent.

If you could study anything, what would it be? I have taken two psychology classes in high school, and I absolutely loved them, so I would definitely want to study more psychology.

Now to move onto some random questions!

Are you a very open or very private person? I am a private, quiet person, and I don’t talk about myself a lot, which is why it would’ve be awkward for me to just write about myself instead of answering these questions.

What Christmas movie do you always watch? I’m pretty sure I watch Elf every year.

What is something unusual that you have gotten complimented on? People tell me that I have nice cheekbones!

Do you have anything hanging on your walls? In middle school I had an entire wall of Justin Bieber posters in my room, but I haven’t put anything up since I took those down.

How many pets do you have? I have one dog, a chihuahua named Kielo.

Do you play any instruments? I played the trumpet in middle school.

Time for some “this or that” questions! The word in bold is my answer.

TV or Movies?

Soda or Juice?

Scary or Comedy?

Spring or Fall?

Veggies or Fruit?

Apples or Oranges?

Pen or Pencil?

And finally, some “favourite” questions:

Favourite number? 8

Favourite colour? Pink

Favourite month? July

Favourite book? Life On The Refrigerator Door

Favourite movie? The Breakfast Club

Favourite quote? “Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself, and a little less time trying to impress people.”

And that’s a wrap! Although it may not have been the most conventional way of introducing myself on this blog, I hope you learned a bit about me. Stay tuned for more posts, and follow my social media accounts to stay up to date.

Thank you so much for reading!



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My apologies that I wasn’t able to keep updated during the pageant because I lacked internet connection, and after the pageant I caught I really bad cold. I’m all better now! ūüôā

It is safe to say that competing in Miss Teenage Canada 2014 was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was so lucky to be with a group of amazing girls for 8 days in Toronto. The bond we have all formed is indescribable; it’s as if we are all sisters now! ¬†I will never forget this experience!

I remember the first day when I landed in Toronto, I was excited as ever! It was odd getting so much attention in the airport from wearing my crown and sash. I was picked up by a chaperon and was sent with another girl to the hotel. I was given my room and started to unpack, waiting to find out who my roommate was and when she would arrive. I sat in the room by myself for a few hours, full of excitement. I then met my awesome roommate, Natalie V, tile holder of Miss Teenage Southwestern Ontario. She was the best roommate I could ever ask for! We got along so well and had a great time together. Later on the first day we went to our welcome dinner and got to meet a bunch of our sponsors! We all took a bunch of pictures and had a blast. The second day was a busy day as each girl completed a photo shoot, video shoot and an interview with judges!

The next morning we made an appearance on Breakfast Television! We returned to the hotel and had a hair tutorial workshop with Schwarzkopf Professional, a very well know hair product company used by many salons. Then that afternoon we all went to the Yorkdale Mall.  Our sponsors, Bench, an athletic clothing company gave each of us 25$ to spend in their store. The mall even gave us gift cards to buy dinner at the food court! The next day we were on Global News twice, and we had an awesome time shopping at the Toronto Eaton Center.  On the 23rd we went to the CN tower and had fun sight seeing and then later on went for dinner at Medieval Times, a really cool restaurant that you watch knights joust and fight on real horses!

The next few days were all preparation. We had hours of practicing our dance and walks with Sean, our choreographer (#salsasean :P). We had Preliminaries, where we all strutted our stuff to the judges in our bikinis and evening gowns. The next night was talent night, where some girls showed off their breathtaking talents. Already, the last day of the competition had arrived. We spent the entire morning and afternoon doing dress rehearsals and getting our hair and makeup done. Luke Bilyk, star from Degrassi and our host for the night came in and surprised us as we got our hair and makeup done. It was so cool to meet him and take pictures with him.

The final night started and was broadcasted online via livestream! ¬†It was so much fun! I am so proud of Chrystalle Omega for being first runner up for the Miss Teenage Canada title! We became pretty close since meeting at the provincial pageant and she is truly an amazing girl! I also want to say congratulations to Francesca McFadden for winning the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2014! ūüėÄ

As for me, this is only the start of my journey. So many opportunities have been opened for me since I have entered this competition. Expect to see me in more big pageants! I also want to continue with supporting my platform, helping an organization called Seniors In Need! Please check out their website and help support them too! http://www.seniorsinneed.ca/ I plan to continue to fundraising and volunteer my time helping those in need because it has always been a great passion of mine!

I will still keep updated on my blog and tell you all about my adventures! Thank you for being such great supporters, it means more than the world to me! I promise much more exciting and important posts soon! ūüôā I plan to still use my title to help others and my community!

‚ÄúIn the middle of difficulty lies opportunity‚Ä̬†~ Albert Einstein

I dream big, so can you! Success is a state of mind, and you are the only one who can alter that state of mind!

Until next time xoxo

Miss Teenage Central Manitoba, Micaella


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The past few days have been very busy with workshops, Video, Photo Shoot, Interview and being on Breakfast Television Toronto.

We have had the pleasure of meeting with the generous sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada #missbench who knew you could look so cute in workout clothing

@HiTecCanada for providing us with the most comfortable and cute sandals.

Hair tutorial workshop with @skprofessional, #mtclovessp from whom I learnt many useful tips.

#wrightspa for sponsoring Miss Teenage Canada by giving us massages my first and not my last.

gggoddresses.com another Miss Teenage Canada sponsor my lashes never looked so good Thank you

My beautiful glam makeup done by Motives sponsor of Miss Teenage Canada


  Manitoba Girls

Thank you to all The sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada  more sponsor pictures are going to be posted soon

Thank you

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Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters




Jance 2 Fashion

 Suite 900-305 McPhillips St Winnipeg, MB R3E 3H9

Thank you for supporting me in my journey Micaella

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In the past couples of months I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of interesting and amazing new people and made life long friendships.

I want to send out a special thank you  to everyone who has been involved in my journey to the Nationals.

You have given me the opportunity to life a dream that only was that.  Being on the shorter side many doors have closed for me in the past, but this journey has showed me that it is not the size of your statute but the size of your mind and heart.

I really appreciate the time you spent with me, talking, interviewing me and I enjoyed meeting you all as well.

I am excited to be going to the Nationals in just days. The  feedback I have been receiving has been so positive that it will not go unnoticed, it is with great appreciation and gratitude  that I thank you.

Thank you Dhalia Kurtz of CJOB Winnipeg my first interviewer (https://twitter.com/DahliaKurtz)
Jewish Post http://www.jewishpostandnews.ca/) thank you for the article
Kristin Marand of Energy 106 Winnipeg (https://twitter.com/KristinMarand) thank you for meeting  me at the #aikon2014 convention.
Ace Burpee of 103.1 Virgin Winnipeg, thank you  for the photo opt during Arthritis Walk (https://twitter.com/AceBurpeeShow)
 Ace Burpee from @103.1 Virgin Radio
Kristin Marand of Energy 106FM
Dhalia Kurtz of 68 CJOB Radio
The Honorable Sam Katz the Mayor of the city of Winnipeg
The Honorable Greg Selinger Premier of Manitoba
Thank you for reading my latest post  
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The original Miss Teen Canada that our parents have heard of in the past does not exist any longer. It was a  national tradition in Canada from its inception in 1969 until financial concerns caused the pageant to be shut down in  1990. It was first televised on CTV in 1969 . The pageant was called Miss Teenage Canada for its first three years. It was originally sponsored by A&W Drive-Ins. Cleo Productions, who owned the event for most of its years.

There are other competitions using the name of Miss Teen Canada but it is not the same company producing it. Miss Teenage Canada- World(http://www.missteenagecanada.com/)  is the largest Canadian Teenage pageant competition and is closest to Miss Teen Usa.  Miss Teenage Canada- World (http://www.missteenagecanada.com/) is owned by MTC-W Inc.  and produced by Michelle Weswaldi.

Micelle Weswaldi notable title wins include: ‚ÄėMiss World Canada 1996‚Ä≤, ‚ÄėMiss Intercontinental Canada 2000‚Ä≤, ‚ÄėMiss Earth Canada 2001‚Ä≤.Michelle Weswaldi envisioned a National Teen Competition that would surpass all existing Canadian pageants had to offer, she wanted to showcase¬†¬† the MTC-W Miss Teenage Canada- World (http://www.missteenagecanada.com/)¬†¬† as an¬† uplifting message of acceptance and tolerance all the while instilling confidence in contestants, and educating them about their body image and improving their self-esteem. In addition to being glamorous, it would give teenagers the opportunity to voice their opinion on social issues, and act on their convictions going into the community and assisting worthy causes and charitable organizations. Miss Weswaldi felt that teens should be encouraged to explore the world and all its offerings, all the while remembering to keep a balance in life. Whether it is a passion for singing, dancing, music, arts, sports/athletics, science, computers, animals, or the environment; having hobbies and being enthusiastic about what they enjoy is fundamental in the development of a well rounded young woman. In addition, the pageant would focus on etiquette and instilling femininity, grace and charm to these young women in much the same way as finest finishing schools of a bygone era. The goal was to provide a teaching environment that helps to develop communication skills, provide image consulting, and become a platform to achieve dreams. The end result would be having delegates that are able to address an audience in a confident and graceful manner and produce a spectacular show for all of Canada to enjoy.

In 2008 MTC-W INC. was launched. MTC-W INC. and it promotes the ideal, ‚ÄúBe Your Own Kind of Beautiful.‚ÄĚ The lessons and information presented during the training workshops will guide The first winner was crowned in 2008¬† and she was Katie Starke. Each Miss Teenage Canada- World contestant is required to fundraise individually for the international charity, Free The Children ( www.freethechildren.com) through sponsors in their communities. Each winner¬† has the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world to visit the projects they have supported.

There have been many well known celebrities as judges and hosts here are just a few examples; Canadian Singers Divine Brown and Gary, Canadian Multi-Platinum Artist, Karl Wolf; and Degrassi’s Luke Bilyk.

I applied at¬† www.missteenagecanada.com/become-mtcw/apply-now¬† and never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be here, because I am only 5’3″ tall, http://www.missteenagecanada.com has given me confidence and¬† is making me more aware of my¬† personal and career goals.

Katie Starke, Miss Teenage Canada 2008

Jillian Martin, Miss Teenage Canada 2013

I am so grateful to have been crowned as Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 2014, I am a strong believer in helping others, I believe that life is better lived when shared.  My platform is Seniors in Need, through my volunteering I have met many seniors who are not able to afford the necessity of life even life saving medicine.  Seniors in Needs connects seniors with people in their own community who are willing and eager to give a helping hand.

The past few years I have attended the Free the Children We Day in Winnipeg, as well they also came to our school and I spent a wonderful time chatting with  Cassy Lynne Freethechildren https://www.facebook.com/cassy.freethechildren who is now in Ecuador. Free The Children’s mission is to create a world where all young people are free to achieve their fullest potential as agents of change.  Free the Children http://www.freethechildren.com/ was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995 when he was only 12, he gathered 11 school friends to begin fighting child labour. Free the children from poverty. Free the children from exploitation. Free the children from the notion that they are powerless to effect change. Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner.  Free The Children has worked in more than 45 countries and in eight developing countries with its Adopt A Village program.


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MTC-W Inc. (http://www.missteenagecanada.com/) has recently launched a new competition called Top Model Search Canada (  www.topmodelsearchcanada.com ).  if you have been thinking about becoming a model, then this competition is the perfect way to launch your career!It will take place August 12-17  in Toronto. Over 40 finalists are selected. The first place winner will become the next Miss Supranational Canada, and runners up become Miss Top Model of the World Canada and Miss Supermodel Canada International. Winners will receive over $15,000 in cash, prizes and scholarships. International modeling scouts/agents are going to be flown into Toronto!

Suzette Hernandez (Miss Supernational Canada) Strutting on the runway!

So if you are interested in being a model, just starting out as a model or waiting for you big break, I highly recommend giving this competition a try! It is a pageant similar in ways to Miss Teenage Canada-World (http://www.missteenagecanada.com/) , but its for those who are interested in modeling! Modeling is a fun way to express your energy, creativity, passion and drive as you strut on the runway or are modeling for a photographer! I am a model, even though I am too short so I am not able to make it far as a model. I am now starting my career for beauty modeling.  I can tell you that from what I have experienced as a model, its all so much fun and a great way to express yourself! Joining Top Model Search Canada (www.topmodelsearchcanada.com) would be highly beneficial to your modeling career!

Want to apply now? Here’s the link for application!


Top Model Search Canada Logo



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Robins on 1400 Waverley Street, Winnipeg Manitoba has been a sponsor as well as allowing me to hold fundraiser at their shop  for Free the Children.

I have to thank my auntie Vina Demelo as well as the whole staff for their help and cooperation.¬†I couldn’t have done it with out their help and support.

While raising money for Free the Children I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to all the regular customers who were all so generous with their donations.  They allowed me to help by handing out coffee to drive thru as well as in store, it was such a rewarding experience, everyone I met and talked to were all so kind and were so interested in the Free the Children charity and eager to know more.  I explain the charity to them what they do and who the founder is, as well I had a big poster with mini lights it explained the story and mission of Free the Children charity. The fundraiser was huge success. We advertised it on my Facebook and twitter and I was amazed to hear that the majority of the customers regulars and not had seen it there, in one case the customer had not been at the location for about 30 years  I also met a regular costumer who drives from out of town everyday and get his coffee there, he is 91 years old he is pictured below.I am so grateful to everyone who donated to my Free the Children Fundraiser. http://www.freethechildren.com/

The very next day it was my 16th birthday and my mom and dad surprised me by putting this on his store front.



91 still driving to get his coffee.


Thank you <3 for taking the time to read my blog


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Canada day I was invited to be in the Gimli Canada Day parade and since my platform is Seniors in Need ¬†it was fitting that I rode in the Gimli Seniors Residence Inc.¬† float, it was rainy the whole morning and the parade almost got called off, but the rain stopped just long enough for the parade to continue, but everyone¬†¬†seemed very concerned with my well being since I was wearing a dress, especially the seniors on who’s float I was on, they were bringing me blankets and jackets trying to keep me warm, I was so excited that the cold did not bother me at all, couldn’t feel it maybe I was numbed from it.I am¬† honored that they have asked me to be back in August to do it again, as well they have asked me¬†to be part of their committee, they were so happy to meet someone as young as me taking a stand for seniors with my platform¬†Seniors in Need.

I am  honored that they have asked me to be back in August to do it again, as well they have asked me to be part of their committee, they were so happy to meet someone as young as me taking a stand for seniors with my platform Seniors in Need.


Gmili is cottage country with year round housing as well.¬†Gimli is located on the west shoreline of Lake Winnipeg, one of Manitoba’s natural beauties, whether you are fishing, sailing, boating, swimming or relaxing it is a must see. in Gimli there is always some kind of festival¬†for all season there’s the Gimli Film Festival, ¬†Icelandic Festival, ¬†Gimli Ice Festival.



Although I live in Winnipeg we also have a recreational farm in Riverton Manitoba, we spend a lot of time there as well,¬† especially in the summer.¬† I enjoy my time there, it is a very small town with only 500 people so it is quiet and peaceful.¬† We do a lot of quad ding boating and hunting, well mostly my dad does that, but I can hold my own¬†, I always seem to¬†shoot the target when others more experienced don’t.


July 2,  I attended a fundraiser  for Tyson Furgala, a local (Riverton) teenager and hockey player who is  battling cancer.  There were hundreds of people in attendance, the town and surrounding towns, friends family and neighbors were all in attendance, the raffle alone had over 100 prizes to be own not counting the silent auction, great show of support.  I wish him all the best and recovery.


Seniors in Need is my platform it was an  honor that the seniors of Gimli wanted me on their float.

Seniors In Need connects seniors who need help with supportive donors in their own community. Nobody understands the hidden tragedy of impoverished seniors better than those organizations who work in the community.  That’s why registered nonprofit sponsors submit the details of a senior in their database. It could be a veteran who needs money to pay for medicine, a grandmother who needs a wheelchair, or a recent widow who simply needs some help with groceries.


To address the hidden tragedy of impoverished seniors in Canada by uniting Seniors In Need with concerned Canadians who want to help.


I am so ready to take my platform into a new level.

The Gimili parade participants


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