S-Trip!, graciously, is awarding the Miss Teen Social Media Queen a grad trip. The Social Media Queen title is awarded to the delegate who is the overall best blogger. So I would like to say thanks S-Trip! for this amazing opportunity, I am excited to be involved in such a competition! So let me tell you about my dream vacation….

My dream vacation with friends would be a trip to South Africa. The friends I would take on this adventure would be two of my close friends: Mikayla and Danielle. They are both super adventurous people. They never run out of energy (so we could do more things on vacation!!), they always know how to make people laugh, and there is never a dull moment when the three of us are together! Originally I selected this destination because it is somewhere I have always been curious to explore, plus it is purely beautiful!! However, this blogging assignment encouraged me to look a little deeper as to why I want to go to South Africa. With the help of my parents past trip to South Africa and the website http://www.southafrica.net/ , I came up with 6 other reasons why I want to travel to South Africa and what my friends and I would do to stay busy there.

#1) WILDLIFE. It would be soooo fun to go on either a game drive or a bush walk safari to see unique animals up close in their natural environment such as the Fynos.

#2) FOOD.  My parents traveled to South Africa 2 years ago and said “the food was to die for”. And us girls really love our food. However, I think we might pass up on the zebra steaks (I couldn’t bear eating something so cute).

#3) INSPIRATION. Discovering more about South Africa’s struggle for freedom and learning about Mandela would be truly inspiring. I would make sure to buy a “Prisioner 46664” bangle (Nelson Mandels’s prison number) in support of Building a better future!

#4) FUN IN THE SUN. There are thousands of miles of coastline in South Africa, which means we will not pass up the opportunity to hit up a beach and get our tan on.

#5) CULTURE. South Africa is known as the rainbow nation because of its multi-culturalism and the coming together of many people of different nations.  Did you know South Africa has 11 official languages?!

#6) ADVENTURE. It is the adventure capital of the world. We will definitely go mountain hiking and zip-lining. I can also see us doing something slightly crazy like shark cage-diving!

The trip to South Africa is bound to be a success. I think what Mikayla would enjoy most about the trip is just being there, she has a life moto that you can make any situation fun if you try hard enough. Danielle’s favorite part would most likely be hiking and the food. She always takes us to ethnic restaurants, and introduces our taste buds to something new. So being in a completely new food environment would make her week a huge success! My favorite part about going to South Africa would be learning about the culture, meeting new people and spending some quality time with my friends!

So that is my dream vacation with friends. I hope one day I can take this dream and make it a reality, because nothings better then experiencing something new and growing closer to friends! (All Photos -except mandela bangle- were taken by my mom, Kathy Lloyd).


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Written by: Rilee-anne Lloyd

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  1. Jessie Potvin says:

    This sounds AMAZING Rilee, you’re making me want to go to South Africa just by reading this !!

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