On June 20, 2014 I had the opportunity to meet with the current mayor of Winnipeg,  the Honorable Sam Katz.  I have to thank  Nikki Chenier-Leiter  for arranging it all. It was truly an honor to meet  him, we had a really good conversation regarding my volunteering and he was quite amazed of how much volunteering I have done to date.

The most important part occurred right after this photo was taken.  On my  way home listening to the radio, a special announced came on that the mayor was holding a press conference, below are  parts of press conference release.

Thank you for coming to Central Park today. We’re going to celebrate some of the greatest performers in the country, right here in the heart of our downtown, for the Summer Solstice: Concert in the Park! When I was first elected Mayor in 2004, Central Park was anything but a venue for a concert; it was a hub for crime and illegal activity. There was no splash park behind you, or children playing here – only a dream in the community to turn this park around. It’s been 10 years, almost to the day, since I became Mayor on June 22nd, 2004.  I ran because, as a volunteer coach and as a father, I saw, first hand, how desperately Winnipeg needed someone to lead the change to turn our parks, and investments across the entire city, around. And you granted me that privilege, to serve as your Mayor; and my focus has always remained the same: to collaborate and find balance to reinvest in your priorities. I said I would continue to work to make Winnipeg a better city as long as there is more work to be done and that is why I have decided that I will not be seeking re-election for Mayor.

It is a difficult decision, and one that required a lot of soul-searching, knowing there is still so much more work to be done. It is my hope that the next Mayor and Council will continue to move Winnipeg forward in the right direction and continue investing in opportunities for our children and families, to continue ensuring Winnipeg remains attractive and welcoming to investors. And, most importantly, I hope that they continue to invest in our greatest asset – our citizens…all of you.

Mayor Sam Katz concluded with:  Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for this privilege this past decade. And of course, from the bottom of my heart I have to thank the individuals who made the real sacrifice when I chose to run for public office: my beautiful and supportive family: my wife Leah and my three children, Ava, Kiera and Aidan. Thank you to the most supportive family imaginable.

For full report follow this link  http://winnipeg.ca/interhom/Mayor/pdfs/SummerSolsticeConcert-20140620.pdf


Mayor Sam Katz surprised me  when mentioned that he one day would love to visit Sao Miguel Azores, the island that my mother was born in and lived until she was 13.

Many people have never heard of these islands.  The Azores are nine little island off of mainland Portugal, they are quite small on the map, she was born in the larger one, Sao Miguel,  in our house we say the bigger dot. The Islands are beautiful and majestic many people travel there, Sao Miguel  is known as the Green Island. It features numerous coastal villages with beaches, boardwalks, gardens and town squares. There is much to do on this Island including whale watching, sailing, hiking, golf, tennis and horseback riding to name a few.


Written by: Micaella

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