On day 5 at nationals, we headed out to do some sightseeing in Toronto. We ended up heading over to the Eaton Centre, and grabbing lunch at the Taco Truck in the Richtree Market! All 82 of us girls lined up and order either 3 tacos or one burrito, with the choice of chicken, beef, or vegetarian. I ordered a beef burrito, although I had also been thinking about getting the vegetarian because they both sounded so delicious.

Although the truck isn’t big in size, it is high tech (with iPads on each side) and quick to serve you (with a talented group of employees). I waited for my food for less than 5 minutes, which is impressive considering the size of our group! Once I get my burrito, I sat down and began to eat. I personally love Mexican food and everything spicy, so this was definitely the place for me! I loved that they grilled the burrito once it was wrapped, making it warm and a bit crunchy. I finished my whole burrito and was super satisfied. I would definitely recommend eating there if you are in the Eaton Centre!

A picture of the creative, chalk board sign on the truck!

A picture of the creative, chalk board sign on the truck!

And make sure to follow the Richtree Market on all of their social media accounts, and write your own review of the food with the hashtag #RichTreeFiesta!

website: richtreenaturalmarket.com

facebook: /RichtreeMatket

twitter: @RichtreeMarket

instagram: @RichtreeMarket

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