Now that school is done, I have much more free time to make appearances and volunteer at events, which I have been taking advantage of! Within the past two weeks I’ve gone to the Red River Ex, Summer in the City, and Paws in Motion, and I’ve had such a great time at every place.

On June 13th, I handed out maps and program guides to guests entering the Red River Exhibition, which was also my very first appearance as Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 2015 (not counting my own fundraising event).

I was so nervous at first because I wasn’t sure how people would react to my crown and sash, but after a few minutes I realized I had nothing to worry about! People would stop and ask me about how I got my title, and I was asked to take pictures with multiple groups of people. Two girls event stopped to talk to me for a good 10 minutes, and were giving me tips on how to promote my title even more. The support I got from complete strangers was amazing!

After a few hours of handing out papers, I was allowed to walk around the park which was when the “power of the crown” (as I’m going to call it) really came into affect. People would stare and sometimes even stop walking when I passed by, and when I played a popping balloon game, the guy running it started yelling out to people, “If she can do it with a crown on her head, you can too!” It was hilarious, and I had such a great day!

Next weekend, I went out to Steinbach, Manitoba (where I actually lived for a few years as a kid) to help out at their Summer in the City event. I was there from noon to five, and I spent all of my time in the kids tent.

I helped out with the crafts, but I mostly did temporary tattoos on the kids. When I first started with the tattoos, the table was completely covered with them, but by the time I left five hours later, there was not one tattoo left! I was running around that table all day, helping the kids choose, cut out, and put on the tattoos. Although my feet were sore at the end of the day, I had such a great time! I hope I can come back again next year to help out again! My highlight of the day was definitely when one little girl pointed at my crown and asked how I had gotten it. I told her about the competition, and her response was “When was this competition? I want to do it too! I want a crown too!” She was adorable!

The next day I was out at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg to help present awards at the Paws in Motion event. I went on stage with Gord Leclerc from CTV News Winnipeg, and Samantha Stevens from QX104, which I thought was amazing considering I watch Gord Leclerc on tv every night, and I listen to Samantha Stevens on the radio quite often! When I asked Samantha for a picture, she said “I should be the one asking you for a picture!” which i thought was incredible. She was treating me like a celebrity, when she is a celebrity to me!

I got to stand on the stage, and hand out awards to the top 3 placing runners and walkers. They called me the “Vanna White” of the event, which I thought was hilarious!

Overall, these three events were so much fun and I am so thankful that I got to participate in them. I hope to have more events to come, as I had such a great time volunteering over the past two weeks. Thanks to everybody that allowed me to take part!


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