Hello my name is Micaella Stone and I am so proud to be the title holder of Miss teenage central Manitoba 2014! It honestly feels too good to be true!  I am fifteen years old from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have a very close and mixed family. My father is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and my mother is from the Azores, an Island near mainland Portugal.

I attend the school of Gray Academy of Jewish Education.  I can speak Hebrew and have received many awards in my Hebrew classes.  I’m a very hard worker and I am very involved in my school. I compete in track and field for my school.  My goal after high school is to go to University and then become a psychologist.  I want to become a psychologist because I am very interested in the human pattern of thought and learning about mental disorders.  I used to have issues with depression, anxiety and OCD, before I got help. I want to erase the stigma associated around these mental disorders.

Outside of school I do many things and have a variety of hobbies.  Since I was little, I’ve had a very strong passion for music. I took piano lessons for many years as I grew up. I have also been singing since I was little and I currently am taking vocal lessons.  Even when I’m in my downtime at home, I enjoy mixing music and remixing on my computer.  I have also always have had a huge passion for the preforming arts. When I was younger I was one of the leads in my schools production of Willy Wonka, and I am always involved behind the scenes in all of my schools productions as a makeup artist, and co-costume designer.  I have plenty of acting experience and I have been in a few movies and I am going to be in many more upcoming projects.  Music and acting bring such joy to my life.

My acting headshot

I have been a model since I was young and I am currently a model for an awesome agency in Winnipeg, despite my short height. I am very interested in the fashion and beauty industry.  I really enjoy dancing and have taken hip-hop, ballet, tap and jazz lessons.  Another one of my passions is art. I have been a skillful artist since I was young, being linked to having a photographic memory. I enjoy sketching fashion designs,  painting, drawing portraits or just anything related to art!


One of my main focuses in life is spending my time volunteering.  I started volunteering when my older brother needed volunteering hours for school and I wanted to join him as he volunteered at Winnipeg Harvest.  I continued to spend my time at Winnipeg Harvest because I really enjoyed helping them out.  I also volunteer almost every weekend at  the Shaftesbury retirement home.  I love spending time there with the seniors, and hearing all of their stories and seeing the smiles light up across their faces.  I really care about senior citizens, and have been spending many of my time with them and volunteering with them since I was very little.  I think its very important for my generation to spend as much time as possible with the earlier generations because they have done so much for us to create the lives we are living today.  Many of them need help and become very lonely, so that’s why I really encourage teenagers to volunteer their time at least once a week to spend with seniors.

I am certainly blessed to be Miss Teenage Central Manitoba! I had a great time at the pageant here in Manitoba and I can’t wait to go to nationals and meet all of the other amazing girls! 🙂

Me and Taylor Boehlig, last years Miss Teenage Central Manitoba!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and supporting me! 🙂



Miss Teenage Central Manitoba 2014


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