Today was a great day! It started off by going for breakfast in the park again and from there we headed off to our workout at Union Fitness where we did yoga! Now I have NEVER done yoga before in my life so I had no idea what to expect, and was worried that I would look like an idiot. When we arrived the whole entire floor was covered in yoga

Showing off my guns after our workout at Union Fitness!

mats, since there are 65 of us we were kind of packed like a can of sardines but never the less we had fun and made it work! We started off with some simple stretches and poses and then moved into some more difficult poses and moves. I didn’t understand the yogi lingo so I did a lot of looking around to see what’s going on. Being a hockey girl I was very surprised at how well I did with the whole flexibility part of yoga. My favorite part was when our amazing instructor Samara got us to lie flat on our back and breathe, and she turned the lights off. While we were lying there she gave us the most inspirational speech. It put me in a great piece of mind. After she was done talking she turned on some Michael Jackson and we got so just lie still and relax which felt amazing after the busy couple days we have had! Not going to lie… I almost fell asleep during this. Refreshed and energized is exactly how I felt after our workout.

Next on our list were rehearsals! We came back to the hotel and ditched the runners and grabbed the heels! This was our first day of rehearsals so it was a little hectic and

A few girls chatting on one of our breaks

confusing. I am not by any means a dancer so the dance took a little while for me to catch on to… big thank you to all my dancer friends for breaking it down for me! Needless to say my feet were KILLING me by this point!! After rehearsals we had 10 minutes to get ready… keep in mind that we had done yoga, and had rehearsals so we were a little sweaty. It takes talent to go from sweaty post workout to appearance ready!

We were lucky enough to each get a $50.00 gift certificate for Garage and a $10.00 shopping card for the Urban Eatery in the Eaton Center! Upon arriving at the Eaton Center people all over the mall would crane their necks to see whom this huge group of girls wearing crowns and heels are and where they came from. Again I felt like a celebrity, lots of people stopped us for pictures and to ask about the pageant. LOTS of teenage boys would stop us, and one group in particular stood out.  A boys rugby team from London had stopped me and asked to take a picture of me holding their team mascot, after that they kind of followed us around so they were our little fan club :P! At Garage I definitely

My Garage and Urban Eatery gift cards!

put my gift card to good use, I bought a shirt, shorts, and 1 ½ bikinis. I may have had to use some of my own money as well 😛 After we were done picking out some super cute clothes from Garage we headed down to the Urban Eatery, which is basically like any old food court but there are many more options and it is set up a little differently. I, along with  the other girls I’m sure, were excited to be able to get WHATEVER WE WANTED! I decided to try something new and tried Thai food; I got general Thai, which was delicious! While we ate the girls at my table laughed so hard at the most random things, I’m thinking we were like that because of exhaustion mixed with sore feet mixed with excitement! We then returned back to the hotel! Some of us got spray tans from Golden Glamour Goddesses and also eye lash extensions. I was one of the girls to get a spray tan although I had already gotten one before leaving for nationals from my amazing sponsor Tan 2U Mobile Spray Tanning. I got another one because I didn’t realize that I would need more than the nice glow I got before to not be washed out on stage!

That my friends is what day 4 of Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 was like! 🙂

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-Taylor Boehlig

Miss Teen Central Manitoba-World 2013 🙂

Written by: Taylor Boehlig

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