For me, the best part about Canada has always been the experiences. Naturally, people tend to want to travel far away from where they are from and explore new places (me included), but I realized some of the best times I’ve ever had have been on Canadian soil.

I’m so glad I grew up in Canada, and here’s why:

1. Snow


Pink snow pants, purple jacket, red scarf, and black boots. What an outfit!

Although technically snow is only in Canada, as a country we sure get a lot of it. All the kids dress up in 20 different layers of sweaters, mittens, snowsuits, boots, etc. just to be able to go out into the cold winter without freezing. I remember playing with my cousins in the snow piles at my grandparent’s house for hours and hours. We would throw snowballs, make forts, and even dig tunnels in the snow! Eventually the snow would seep through your mittens and your hands would start getting wet, so you would head on inside and find something else to do with you waited for your snow gear to dry.

2. Winter Holidays

We have a red and gold tree upstairs, and a purple and silver tree downstairs!

I don’t think I could ever be a person to travel out of the country during Christmas time because I love Canada too much during the holidays. From the first snow fall, to driving down the street and seeing almost every roof lit up, I love the atmosphere of the holidays in Canada. As much as I would love to travel somewhere warm and tropical, I would never go during the holiday season because without those little details, it really wouldn’t feel like Christmas to me. If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I love all holidays (especially Christmas), so not experiencing the snow and lights and decorations would really put a damper on my holiday, so I know for sure I would never leave Canada on Christmas!

3. Outdoor Activities in the Winter

One thing Canada is known for are our winter sports. Hockey, skiing, and everything in between, if you can name it, I’m sure we’ve won a medal in it. In my case growing up, gym class included so many types of winter activities, including skating and skiing. I remember the best part of gym was the days when we would get the skis out, and either go cross-country skiing or (everybody’s favourite) downhill skiing. We would all trudge ourselves up the hill, just to glide down it in 5 seconds and have to climb all the way back up once again. We never got tired of it though!

What the horse sleigh looked like!

Another one of my favourite winter activities was going on the horse sleigh. I went a few times when I was a kid, and I enjoyed it every time! My friends and I would all hop on the huge sleigh, and once the horses were off the fun began. Normally we would just sit and enjoy the ride, especially when the horses would get into an open pathway and could run fast, but one time one of our friends fell off! She wasn’t very happy considering she fell into a huge pile of snow, but once we got back to the lodge building and warmed up, she was okay. Although horse sleighs may not be uniquely Canadian, I doubt I would’ve ever experience something like that if I didn’t grow up in Canada, which is why I’m so grateful that I did!

4. Summer

Although you may that realized it from my last few paragraphs, we do actually have summer in Canada! Especially where I live, summer is short but hot, so we always try to make the most out of the time we have. From going to the beach, to watching Canada Day fireworks, to going camping, I have always loved summertime.


I absolutely loved camping!

My ultimate favourite thing to do was go camping, and I went quite a bit as a kid. Canada has such beautiful parks, beaches, lakes, and campground areas, and I have been to a few of them. However, my family and I normally camped at Falcon Lake. We would go to the beach, stop in to town and go to the store, or just sit around the fire at night time. Although we didn’t do much, those times were still some of the best I ever spent!

Growing up in Canada has given me amazing experiences I never would’ve had the opportunity to experience if I didn’t grow up here. I’m so grateful that I have lived in such a great place my whole life, and although I may travel and get away time to time, I know I will always come back!



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