I held my first ever fundraiser for Free the Children a week ago on June 5th, and I can hardly believe I actually pulled it off! Although to say I pulled it off on my own wouldn’t be true because my family put in even more work than I did, so before I start this post I want to give them a HUGE shout out and say thank you to them for all of their continued support!

My fundraiser was a Bingo Bowling night hosted at Dakota Lanes in Winnipeg. I never realized how much work goes into holding an event like this until I had to do it myself! To be completely honest, at some points I thought it might be easier to scrap the whole event rather doing all this work to put it on just for it be unsuccessful. I’m so glad I persevered though because it was such an amazing night!

Not only was the night extremely successful, but I had the best time! I met a group of boys who were there for a birthday party, and they were definitely the highlight of the night. They would all gather around me, kneel, and start saying “All hail the queen!” Later on they wrote me a song with the same name, and had an argument about whether I was a princess or a queen (the vote was 50/50). The boy in the red shorts, Owen, even asked me to come to a movie audition for a princess who gets saved by the prince (played by him)! They were absolutely adorable, and I’m so glad I got a picture with them before they left.

The night was so much fun and a raised lots of proceeds for Free the Children, so I would say it was extremely successful! Once again, thank you to everybody that came and supported, I could not have done it without you!

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